Meet the MAC Girls, as well as rock Out With Rockin’ Rebel

Howdy, MAC Girls!
Hmm… appears like a few palettes are missing from the new MAC women collection. (Coming soon! August 3rd!)

I see a Rockin’ Rebel, a fashion Fanatic as well as a Mischief Minx…but where’s Feline Friend? Or Pooped Parent? Or Nutella Nut? Methinks MAC missed an opportunity. Those would have spoken to lots of genuine life MAC Girls.


Hey, girls, haaaaay!
Which MAC woman are you?

MAC’s restricted edition MAC women collection consists of six $39.50 palettes, each with eight eyeshadows as well as a huge pan of highlighter. Every combination has a different personality. There’s Rockin’ Rebel, which is the one I’m using today, with blues, eco-friendlies as well as golds. Mischief Minx, a.k.a. “the warm palette,” keeps relaxing with toasty tones of orange, gold as well as brown. fashion Fanatic flirts with bright berries, purples as well as pinks. fundamental Bitch — the smokey combination — is a bad-@ss bunch of great grays, purples as well as silvers. In Prissy Princess, pinks, grays, browns as well as taupes regime supreme. as well as Power hungry is the only combination in the release that doesn’t have an alliterative name…and it’s bugging me since I can’t believe of a catchy pun that starts with “P.” It’s the combination with neutral beiges, browns as well as bronze.

A couple things are jumping out at me. Like, I can’t keep in mind the last time MAC released a collection that was solely comprised of palettes. Você pode? since their palettes are normally just one element of a larger launch, like they normally do for holiday. So that’s great (and weird!).

I’m about as rebellious as a slice of cheese…but I’d still wear Rockin’ Rebel.

Shadow formulas I’ve never seen before

In Rockin’ Rebel, there’s a Foil, something called a Satin Shine, a Creamy Matte as well as one more formula called Opalescent. Wha?!


Gatos e moletom com maquiagem ??

US $ 42.

Compre agora

So, yeah, great deals of newness happening here, as well as I’m kinda shook!

You’re such a rebel!
Pleasantly pleased

Run a finger across a pan and, ooh! — the shadows are so much softer than normal for a MAC LE palette. If you’re a true MAC girl, you understand that the LE palettes that are only on shelves for a hot second don’t normally feel or do in addition to the O.G. palettes in the long-term line, however the shadows in Rockin’ Rebel, for one, feel just as silky as usual.

Wouldn’t it be funny to walk around lookin’ such as this all the time? That’s MAC Fleur Power blush on my cheeks, by the way.
When I did my eyes today with Rockin’ Rebel, I kept expecting to have to resort to tomfoolery or roguishness to get the shadows to show up as well as blend together, however nuh-uh. nothing tripped me up. The only thing I observed was a bit of after effects from the Foils, which have big grains of glitter, however I expected that, so no huge deal.

When you’re feelin’ Rockin’ Rebel eyeshadow in your camo hat…
Four hours into this blue/green/gray look, with the eyeshadows layered on top of my reliable NARS Pro-Prime, the shadows showed no indications of disappearing into a crease or moving into that mysterious dimension where shadows disappear…save for a few flecks of shine that discovered their method into my brows.

I’m using MAC Soar Lip Pencil as well as MAC Patisserie Lipstick
I can’t wait to dig into the other palettes, however so far, Rockin’ Rebel, at least, is a “go.”

Where you can satisfy the Girls


All six of the MAC women will be chillin’ for a restricted time at choose MAC counters as well as the MAC web site starting August 3rd. get prepared to rock!

Seu viciado em apelação comunitária amigável,


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