Project pan 12 Collab: autumn 2016 edition

happy labour Day! Hope you’re enjoying the long weekend! E bem-vindo a outra colaboração com a gangue Canuck! Estamos mais uma vez, tentando afastar alguns produtos de beleza em nosso estoque. Desta vez, estamos escolhendo 12 itens para tentar entrar em frente. The length of this project will be for 3 months, all the way until December!

Today we’ll be introducing you to the items we selected for this project.

I decided to just focus on makeup this time around because I do use up skin / body / hair care on a regular basis. makeup is a difficult category for me to actually hit pan on.  Here’s pretty much all the items I need for a full face of makeup:

1) Sephora colorful Jumbo liner 12 hr wear in 07 Brown

It’s always a race against time with creamy eye products before they dry out.

2) Anna Sui Eyebrow color Compact in 03 Ash Brown

Isn’t the compact the cutest thing? and the product inside is great too. I’ve been too complacent with using eyebrow pencils lately but I’m going to force myself to get back into using brow powders.

3) Shiseido Luminizing Satin face color in WT905 High Beam White

This is my favourite highlighter and it is so neglected!

4) Kate Stick Concealer in natural Beige

I named this one of my best 2014 discoveries. and then promptly forgot to use it!

5) Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick in Garance

I’ve pulled this lipstick out a few times for comparison purposes but it has never had the limelight. I’m determined to get more wear out of this.

6) The Body Shop Fresh Nude foundation in 020 Bali Vanilla

I bought this in March and haven’t worn it too much.

7) Lancome Khol in love eye liner in 101 chocolate Affair

This was limited edition and I love it – I can’t replace it but I figured that I might as well get full use of it!

8) NYX Powder blush in Taupe PB11

I use this as a contour as I’m sure do 99% of the people who own this shade. and I contour once in a blue moon but I really should make time for this step.

9) Bourjois Java Rice loose Powder

Been meaning to use this for my under eye setting powder – I was using the Nars one but now I’m ready for something more luminous.

10) MAC Powder blush in Cubic

This is my oldest MAC blush. I can’t believe I haven’t hit pan on this, when previously, I completely used up the MAC blush in Angel.

11) MAC Eye shadow pro palette customized quad (All That Glitters, Patina, Satin Taupe, Romp)

Is this a cheat, or maybe even a handicap? I’m counting the 4 shadows as 1 product. These eye shadow are some of the first ones I ever bought from MAC – and all of them appeared on my top 10 MAC eye shadows. I’m really, really hoping to actually hit pan on Satin Taupe and Patina.

12) Cargo HD pressed Powder in 20

I love this powder so much that I have 2 back-ups in my stash. My shade is always sold out so when I saw them in stock I grabbed them. I’m doing something different with this one – while all the other items are used, this is a brand new compact that I started using on Sept 1st and will use solely for the duration of the project Pan. I’m curious how much face powder I can go through in 3 months.

I’ve decided for each of the items, I will weigh them on an electronic food scale to show my progress!

It’s difficult and sometimes disheartening to not be able to see visible progress. Here’s my starting point for each of the items:

I would have preferred to use grams as the unit of measurement but the scale doesn’t show any decimal points for grams – I highly doubt I’d be able to use up a full gram of makeup each week!  The lbs show 3 decimal places, I’m hoping this will show progress week by week.  These weights do include the packaging since I have no way to subtract that the glass bottle or plastic compact weights from the actual products. but I will weigh them consistently each time (ie without cap, no brush inside etc).

I’m not sure that I’ll be able to only use these items for full 90 days, although together they do form a full face of makeup. but I’ll attempt to use them at least 4 times per week. My poor makeup stash, they’re going to feel so neglected!

Each week we’ll provide an in-depth review at each of the items we chose, as well as an update on how things are going (weekly weigh-ins!) This collab will run weekly every Monday for the next 12 weeks, and my collab buddies are well-known to you by now:

♦ Ingrid de Curly.Spring.Blossom
♦ Jodi de uma atitude de Brash

Go have a look at what they’ve chosen as their victims products.  Have you ever tried to do a project pan yourself? feel free to join along!

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