Maquiagem, bem como charme blog segunda-feira, vol. 501

huge kiss, MONDAY!

Então … Qual é a enquete segunda-feira?

Bem, não é precisamente uma pesquisa. É muito mais de uma lista de preocupações continuamente evolutivas (desobstruir?), Um pouco aleatória, eu tenho colocado para os visitantes todas as segundas manhã nos últimos 10 (!) Anos. (É como um kickstart para o seu cérebro.) Eu sempre me deliciei ao ler suas respostas nos comentários, assim como espero que você se deleite em ler o meu.

1. Do you have any type of cowlicks?

Oh, my gosh, yes, as well as it is so annoying. It’s best at the suggestion of my widow’s peak, as well as it wishes to go best when I want the hairs there to go left. Girl, I don’t even understand why it’s so stubborn.

I’ve been parting my hair down the middle lately (a recent development), as well as since I utilized to be strictly a side sweeper, I only just recently learned, since of this whole parting-the-hair-down-the-middle process, that this cowlick exists.


It just will refrain from doing what I want it to do. It’s like, nope! Sorry, lady. I’m gonna go this way, as well as you have no state in the matter at all.

2. What are three things that are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face?


Fluffy tabby kittens

Big, bright-eyed infants with chubby cheeks

Finding stuff on sale

3. A lady who influences you?

There are so many, however the very first one who concerns mind is Michelle Obama.


Gatos e moletom com maquiagem ??

US $ 42.

Compre agora

4. who was the last person you stated say thanks to you to?

Hmm… Oh! It was El Hub. I thanked him for providing Connor a bath last night. I was downstairs making chocolate-chip cookies (nothing fancy, just the pre-made chunk ones you get out of a bag), as well as I might hear her chuckling as well as splashing as well as squealing like she was having the very best bath ever in the history of babies.

She always has much much more fun with him, since I’m much more of a taskmaster. I’m focused on effectively moving with the steps. “OK, hair washed, CHECK. Hands washed, CHECK.” as well as father is all about the fun.

5. exactly how aggressive are you when you drive?

At the moment, not extremely aggressive, however I utilized to get very crabby behind the wheel. then someday I was just like, “Ya know…this is a squander of energy. Flipping off this man in his Porsche Boxster will just make my blood pressure go up, as well as I don’t requirement that in my life.”

Now when people cut me off, or honk at me, or do obnoxious things on the road — since there are a great deal of obnoxious chauffeurs in the Bay area who drive like they’re in Thunderdome — I take a few deep breaths as well as consistently remind myself that this is not gonna matter in five years. When I state that to myself enough, the desire to chase somebody down to ensure that I can shout at them with my window as well as throw an obnoxious gesture goes away.

BONUS QUESTION: exactly how are you feeling today (be honest!)?

Well, it’s early on Monday, so I’m cautiously optimistic…but likewise a bit dissatisfied that the weekend is over. It went full-on autumn last week — heavier air, colder, wet leaves all over — as well as I don’t believe I’ve completely caught as much as the weather. When it’s rainy, it always takes me longer to wake up.

I’m not the type of person who goes to 100% the moment their eyes open in the morning. It takes me at least an hour, as well as when it rains, particularly when I’m very comfortable as well as snuggly beneath the covers, it’s even harder.

Other than that, I feel quite darned great. I got up early, so I’ve been getting stuff done before the infant is awake, as well as the home is in a fairly non-chaotic state, which always calms me down.

So the short response is that I feel calm, centered as well as positive about the day…but a bit physically tired.

My objective this week…

Find a rain coat.

I utilized to have one ages ago, however I can’t discover it. I’m quite sure I konmari’d it a while back since it did not stimulate joy. In fact, it sucked the delight out of me whenever I used it, since the sleeves were as well short, so my wrists would always get wet when I was out in the rain, as well as the hood would always slip back whenever it was on my head, so the front of my forehead would always get wet.

So I’ve been searching for a new rain coat, however they’re all so expensive! I’m not about to spend $140 on a rain coat best now.

I did see some adorable ones at Target, though. Which one do you believe is better? This stylish water resistant rain jacket by C9 (I desire it covered much more of the bum, though) which is currently on sale for $40, or this olive hooded anorak by A new Day, which is on sale for $35?

Seu viciado de encanto amigável comunitário,



P.S. have a fantastic as well as productive week. I hope some great news comes your way.

P.p.s. right here are the concerns para copiar, bem como colar:

1. Você tem algum tipo de cowlick?
2. Quais são as três coisas que são garantidas para trazer um sorriso para o seu rosto?
3. Uma senhora que te influencia?
4. Quem foi a última pessoa que você afirmou, graças a você?
5. Exatamente quão agressivo você é quando você dirige?
Pergunta de bônus: Exatamente como você está se sentindo hoje (seja honesto!)?

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