17 spring motivations

Today was the vernal equinox in the northern Hemisphere — the very first day of spring — as well as all I can state about that is WE MADE IT!

For a second there, it truly seemed such as this winter was never going to end, like it was the Energizer ? bunny of winters, as well as was going to keep going, as well as going as well as going…


I mean, it rained right here once again today…but at least the calendar proves that it’s still officially spring! Isso é!

If it’s currently chilly and/or dreary on your end of the keyboard, right here are some spring vibes. *sending you spring vibes via the Interwebs* ???? I hope that these 17 spring motivations assist your brain shift gears.

Hang in there, friend. much better weather condition awaits! ?


Gatos e moletom com maquiagem ??

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1. Christian Lacroix Papier Notebook

You guys, not only is this Christian Lacroix Papier (which is elegant lingo for “paper”) Notebook beyond lovely (check out the psychedelic hydrangea action on the cover), however it includes a pair of butterfly-shaped 3D glasses inside…WHICH TAKE YOU TO THE third DIMENSION!

How might anyone state no to that?

2. Paradise gardens wall Calendar

I like this style of artwork. It’s just so cheery! It kinda reminds me of Matisse.

Can you discover all of the animals ???? posing for March?

3. A vibrant Life set of 10 colored Pencils

I want to online a more vibrant life this spring.

Veja! — properly named vibrant pencils.

4. 18 crayons in a bright Campbell’s Soup Tint

Speaking of living a more vibrant life, right here are 18 cleverly packaged crayons!

5. Wisteria painting by downtown Mia Brown

On the listing of things to Do This Spring: add new wall art at home, perhaps something like “Wisteria,” an abstract painting by regional Marin artist downtown Mia Brown.

6. “You Are Beautiful” Butterfly Card

I believe that the beginning of spring is a perfect time to reach out to good friends you haven’t seen since the holidays.

P.S. Did you believe of the Christina Aguilera tune when you checked out this one?

7. comply with Your ? Coração

Can I please be the woman in this adorable spring gown as well as sandals (a.k.a. my spring uniform)? Her hair isn’t totally crazy (unlike mine), as well as she’s surrounded by life-size ?flowers. So, basically, this is all of my spring desires in illustrated form.

8. Kissing ? bunnies Card

Kissing bunnies.

Need I state more?

9. organic Snapdragon ? grow Kit

Oh, snap! It’s snapdragons. We usually plant a few on our deck around this time around of year for Tabs to enjoy (nibble) in summer.

10. northern Lights Herb Garden

This herb garden starts life as a candle. Then, after it has served its function in life, as well as you shed with the candle, you can utilize it as a container to plant an herb garden.

11. metropolitan Birdwatching Notebook

A great deal of the time when I look out my window, I see turkeys. Isso conta?

Even if it doesn’t, I’d still compose it down in this bird-watching notebook anyway.

12. Vive Le Colour Butterflies coloring Book

Still waitin’ for the butterflies to show up, however up until they do, you might color a few.

13. small Butterfly Kite

How adorable is this?? It’s small butterfly ? pipa!

14. Bug Trinket Tray

Butterflies may have the market on spring cornered, however you understand what? I just like cool-looking bugs.

15. great Vibes only Water Bottle

This spring, it’s great vibes only! That’s all I want to feel.

16. streets full of Blooming Cherry Blossoms

And I always feel great vibes when I’m walking along a street lined with cherry blossoms.

17. Black feline ?‍? sacola

Spring means farmers’ markets, yay! ???? I can’t wait to fill my carry bag with fresh fruits as well as veggies.

Yay, spring! I hope you’re starting to feel it anywhere you are.

A looooong stretch of time to myself

I went to the salon last Saturday, as well as it was the very first day in about a month when I had a block of a few hours to myself.

To be honest…it was glorious! I like costs my days with the baby, as well as I understand that her being so little as well as dependent on me isn’t going to last forever, however I do miss being able to go slip away sometimes by myself.

At the salon, my good friend Alis tamed my roots (which were additional rooty, with a side of root). then I went to my preferred salad place, Blue Barn, as well as tried a new salad that Alis had recommended, the Argula salad. It had mixed greens, arugula, sun dried tomatoes, marinated artichokes, balsamic onion, almonds, crispy chickpeas, grated manchego, whole grain mustard vinaigrette as well as pieces of steak.

Mmm …

Seriously, though, it was tastier than it looks.

Let’s see, what else did I do?

After that I just did some window shopping. I went to a workout wear location called Athleta to look at their leggings, since I’m all about that legVida de gings agora. Então parei por outfitters metropolitanos, bem como cheirava a muitos perfumes, bem como olhou para todas as suas coisas estranhas.

Foi lindo.


Feliz Primavera.

Seu viciado em beleza comunitário amigável,


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