The MAC Oh, Sweetie Lipcolour Collection Is a Frosted Sugar rush

got a sweet tooth?
I like to bake.

Naw, dawg, I love TO BAKE.


Amor. Isto. ???????

O que é isso? You need a cake baked from scratch? Brownies? Lemon bars? A loaf of artisan bread?? I got YOU, GIRL.

That said, when someone tells me that they don’t like sweets, or they claim to never, ever order dessert, my lips right away form into a tight smile and my right eye starts twitching…because I’m completely short-circuiting inside.


Gatos e moletom com maquiagem ??

US $ 42.

Compre agora

HOW CAN YOU NOT like DESSERT…? 1011101011010101111010110100010011101010111

That does not compute.

Thankfully, it’s sweet stuff galore in the MAC Oh, Sweetie Lipcolour collection. In fact, the glosses are named after desserts.

Here’s a look at some of them…

The MAC Oh, Sweetie Lipcolours ($17 each, 15 LE shades)

The collection is fronted by jet-setting German fashion influencer Caro Daur. (I’ll pause for a moment if you want to google her…) She’s so chic, right? I would like some of that Euro girl magic, okpleaseandthankyou.

These Lipcolours are like metallic MAC Cremesheens, and they vary in terms of the amount of opalescent pearl they contain (some have more than others). The non-sticky formula is on the thinner side, too, and they shine just like a Cremesheen.

I like the less shimmery ones like Raspberry Pavlova more than the others, because the super shimmery metallic ones like Banana Muffins and Strawberry Mousse make me look CAH-RAY-ZAY.

And I don’t need any help in that department.

It should also be noted that they taste and smell like the desserts they’re named after (!). I like some of them, like Caramel Sugar and death By chocolate (those are also two of my favorite flavors to bake with). The flavors and scents are subtle and not cloying.

I’m not crazy about the way Creamy Peach Pie and Banana Muffin taste and smell, because they just seem too synthetic to me, so those aren’t really my thing, but if you like the way NYX glosses smell, you might like ’em.

Strawberry Mousse
Coconut Macaroon
Creamy Peach Pie
Muffins de banana
Raspberry Pavlova
Caramel Sugar
Death By Chocolate
From the batch I’ve been testing, I’d choose Caramel Sugar and death By Chocolate. The flavors and fragrances aren’t too in your face, and both are very wearable.


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