May 2017 No-Buy-Low-Buy Accountability

After my previous month of hauling in my April Low-Buy, may was a month of resisting temptations! I did add a few products to my stash, namely, I went hairspray crazy:

I ran out of hairspray completely as well as I always feel uneasy whenever I don’t even have a back-up in my stash! Here’s exactly how the month went:


As mentioned, I felt compelled to buy 3 cans of hairspray in the month of May:
• Garnier Fructis style Hold & flex ultimate manage Spray
• Garnier full & luxurious huge volume Spray
• Schwarzkopf Crystal radiate Hair Spray
I bought the Garnier eco-friendly one when it went on sale for $5 which was a great offer (they’re normally $9 here).  I had heard great things about this product from GymBagMakeup as well as Amy of TheMakeupCase. however then the extremely next week, the cost dropped down further to $4 so I chosen up the pink one to try too. I’ve been utilizing the eco-friendly one as well as it’s quite great – it doesn’t leave a sticky residue or crunchiness on the hair. I discovered the Schwarzkopf one on clearance for $4 so I believed I’d provide it a try too. Phew, now I am at a comfortable level of hairspray stash!

• Butter London nail Lacquer in Hush-Hush
Hand on my heart, I did NOT buy this for myself. My coworker chosen it up for me one day, randomly. She told me she was at Marshalls as well as saw this as well as understood that I liked Butter London polishes as well as this appears like a “Stashy [but my genuine name] shade”. She understands me so well!

• Paula’s option withstand Anti-Aging Serum foundation Matte in level 2
I likewise did not purchase this – it’s really not a new item. My good friend bought this as well as disliked it so much however didn’t want to throw it away after only a few utilizes so she asked if I was thinking about trying it. She understands I’m always game. I tried it when so far as well as I can state that it’s a tricky foundation to work it – it’s rather liquidy as well as wishes to settle into every pore as well as line. It does wear extremely well with the day though. I’ll have to experiment more – with different primers or mixing it with other foundations.

That’s it for beauty associated items. I did haul a bit of garments in may though, since the garments store reveal revealed that they were closing all 17 places in Canada. Yet one more American brand who couldn’t make it work in Canada! I came to truly like Express’ Columnist ankle pants, of which I own about 8 pairs in different colours. So I added a couple more to my wardrobe with these (they were buy one get one 50% off):

• Mid increase Plaid Columnist ankle Pant

• Mid increase Tweed Columnist ankle Pant

I likewise ended up buying a pair of their extreme stretch skinny Pants, which are made from a nice thick material as well as had genuine pocket outlining (instead of those faux pockets that’s prominent with jeggings – I discover they look so cheap). whatever at reveal is now 40-60% off however the store is rather chosen over. I’m glad I grabbed these before they offered out of my size!

I haven’t shopped much at Uniqlo yet since its opening as well as one night my SO as well as I were killing time as well as decided to search around. I ended with the 2 items:

• Pleated jersey Sleeveless gown in Navy
This includes a coordinating slip skirt since the material is rather sheer. This was only $40 as well as truly great high quality for the price! I used this to a dinner banquet with a cardigan as well as it looked method more costly than it is (no, I did not rock sneakers like the design did!)

• AIRism storage tank top in Beige
I wear a camisole beneath almost whatever as well as I decided to provide this a try. Eu gosto disso! It keeps me great as well as feels like I’m using nothing. I extremely suggest this as well as I’m getting a lot more in other colours!

Marks & Spencer
And lastly, perhaps the most tiring item… SOCKS. I got it in my head that I requirement all new black socks for work (the elastic on the cuffs of mine were all getting loose, I dislike that!) as well as I decided that marks & Spencers must make the very best socks so I took a possibility as well as put an order on the internet (M&S utilized to have stores in Canada however they exited the market in 1999, sadly). I wished to try a range of high qualities of socks so I ordered 4 types:

This is what $50 worth of black socks looks like! I got 18 pairs of black socks. My experience buying on the M&S site was excellent – they ship with DHL as well as I got my parcel within two DAYS of ordering! shipping is free with $50 minimum purchase as well as there were no duties. The M&S site displayed whatever in Canadian dollars which made it simple to shop. I’ll likely order more from M&S in the future!

There were so many compelling offers in may that I had to bury my head in the sand a bit so I wouldn’t succumb to them. I really restricted my usage of blogs / social network so I wouldn’t be inundated!

Tarte 7-Piece custom beauty Kit

May started off with one of the most appealing deals! On may 4th, for someday only, Tarte was promoting this 7-pc custom set for only C$84! Depending what you chose, the value was almost 3x the price. I was soooo tempted, I tell you! I only discovered about this offer from Fivezero – she likewise found there was an extra $10 off code that worked on this offer. I even produced my own custom set on the Tarte site as well as added whatever in the cart as well as then closed the tab. inspect out this hilarious exchange between fivezero as well as I in her post.
Why I don’t requirement this right now: I wasn’t even in the market for any type of makeup from Tarte, never mind a unicorn cosmetic case! I was just lured by a excellent deal. I can online vicariously with Fivezero – inspect out her haulage here.

ColourPop free worldwide shipping as well as 3 for $10 offer

Yet one more offer that I was alerted to by Fivezero! Being in Canada, I’m always on the lookout for free worldwide shipping offers as well as ColourPop not only had that however likewise 3 eye shadows for $10 (regularly they’re $5 each, so it’s like buy 2 get 1 free).

The offer used to both the super Shock as well as the pressed Powder Shadows. Ugh, eye shadows are my vice!
Why I don’t requirement this right now: I did just recently win a few of ColourPop’s press eye shadows, plus, I do own a few super Shock eye shadows (that HippyLip sent to me!) I believe if I didn’t have any type of of ColourPop’s eye shadows, I may have succumbed to this offer! however I was able to overcome both of these temptations, however no thanks to Fivezero…

Charlotte Tilbury beauty glow immediate look In A Palette

Of program this was from Cat’s publish on this gorgeous palette! I’ve been wanting an all-in-one type combination for travelling. The closest one that I own is the BareMinerals The Regal wardrobe Palette. I truly like the eye shadows in the BM combination however don’t like the deal with powders. From what I hear, the Charlotte Tilbury combination is amazing high quality all around!
Why I don’t requirement this right now: I assumption I can make do with the BareMinerals combination for now! I’m not planning any type of major trips anytime soon so this isn’t an urgent “need”.

So I stayed within the confines of my No-Buy rules for May. I’m on one more month of no makeup / skincare buying once again for June! exactly how was your costs last month?

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