Bésame long Hair finishing Powder brush

I mentioned the Bésame long Hair finishing Powder Brush as one of my favourites at the end of last year. Finally, I’m posting my review of this odd looking brush:
I bought this during the fall VIB Sale from Sephora last year, it costs $62 CAD / $50 USD.

The primary reason I bought this was – I’ll admit it – out of sheer curiosity! Firstly, the packaging is gorgeous:

The whole identity of the brand Bésame has an old-fashioned and vintage vibe. It achieved the vintage look without looking kitschy – the gold box with red accent look quite classy and time-appropriate:

The brush description from the box:

Bésame brushes are designed to bring back glamour and luxury to the process of creating your look – they make expert application effortless. designed to buff powder or cream with faux hair, it blends color with ease and glides effortlessly onto the skin. The handle is designed to resemble brushes available to Hollywood makeup artist during the 1930s. It is easy to grasp, comfortable and well balanced in your hand. wash hair only warm, soapy water as needed.

I own a lot of brushes but I don’t have one that looks like a dustpan brush!

The shape of the handle makes it really easy to hold, almost like brushing my hair.  The handle is made of plastic and the bristles are synthetic.

However, as odd looking at this brush is, I would not call this brush an original, as it is a fairly accurate reproduction of a vintage Max factor brush:

Even the box is similar! Fonte.
Besides the striking appearance of the brush, the other feature is how soft the bristles are! It feels feathery soft and the hairs aren’t bluntly cut so the ends of the brush are more diffused than the base.  I’m sure the bristles of that original Max factor brush was nowhere as soft as the Bésame!  This brush is also incredibly well-made – I’ve been using this for over 6 months and have not experienced any shedding at all.

I’ve tried applying blush, bronzer and face powder with this brush but I found it difficult to pick up and place product precisely.  For me, the best use of this brush is not for applying products, but rather, for removing excess product, and for blending large areas.  Remember this post on Instagram from a couple of weeks ago:

The Bésame long Hair finishing Powder brush is exactly the brush I would use to blend out blushes if I over-apply! You’d think I would only need to blend out my face once in a blue moon, but no, I reach for this brush quite regularly since I prefer a seamless look for my blush, contour, highlight and powder. Personally, I like to blend away or remove a portion of my makeup to dial down the “makeup-y” look – hence why I also like to spray with facial mist after powdering my face.  If you’re like me, you may find this brush to be helpful too. In fact, in my arsenal of brushes, I do own another brush that perform a similar function – the Ecotools face & Body sculpting Brush:

The bristle ends of the Ecotools brush is cut bluntly compared to the Bésame one, which means it drags the makeup slightly.  I prefer the Ecotools when I am blending out bronzer rather than blush / contour / highlight – bronzer doesn’t need as careful placement compared to the other face products.

Size-wise, they’re pretty comparable but I find the Bésame to be more versatile.  Bésame itself offer another similar style brush, the short Hair Contour brush which, as the name suggests, is for contouring. It has black bristles that are much denser and shorter:

One could say it’s pricey for a brush that is a “one trick pony” but I have an appreciation for Bésame’s design, and the fact that they’re not a large company so they aren’t gaining economies of scale.  However, I did note that this brush is made in China:

Which makes sense since I’ve noticed that the majority of brushes made of synthetic bristles are manufactured in China.

This is how my unwashed Bésame long Hair finishing Powder brush looks:

See the gradient colour of my blush at the tip and contour / bronzer at the bottom? When I sweep this brush across my cheeks to blend out, it makes it look like I put in more effort than I did!

• beautiful design / packaging
• very soft bristles
• easy to wash / dries quickly
• sem derramamento
• Crueldade livre

• Caro
• Doesn’t pick up or deposit product well

Stash Davor: 8/10

Bottom line: no one really needs this brush but it’s a helpful item to have on hand. I would equate this brush with my Guerlain Météorites – they’re high quality items that are a little bit of a show-piece, but they serve a unique purpose.

What beauty product do you have that you don’t absolutely need but you find useful?

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