MAC Loud as well as Clear, glow Play blush Collection Swatches on NC42 Skin

The MAC Loud as well as remove Collection as well as glow Play Blushes, both offered now at choose MAC places as well as the MAC website
Man, I couldn’t get this on my arm as well as deal with quick enough. very first of all, NEUTRALS. Second, MAC.

Seriously, as well good.


Technically, you are checking out two LE MAC collections. One is Loud as well as Clear, which consists of single Eyeshadows ($18 each), Lipsticks ($20), Lipglasses ($18.50) as well as additional dimension Skinfinishes ($37 each), as well as the other is a collection of glow Play Blushes ($30 cheek colors extraordinaire).

A few high-level observations:

The blushes are not in the standard-issue powder formula. They have a creamy, bouncy formula as well as feels gel-like. They’re silky. They’re soft, as well as they work finest when used with my fingers. I believe they’ll be fabulous buddies to five-minute makeup.

As for the eyeshadows, they feel softer than usual, like they have a lot more “give” than normal for MAC powder shadows. I have high really hopes for them, particularly since they appear to be a lot more intense than usual, too.

If you like monochromatic looks, this is the collection for you. There are a number of coordinating eye/cheek/lip products (this becomes a lot more evident when you separate the products into color families). I like matchy-matchy makeup since I believe it’s simple sophisticated, so I’m all about that life.

A EMBALAGEM! It’s kinda Shu Uemura, yah? I’m into the remove cases, not just since they look cool, however they’re likewise practical, since it’s simple to tell what shade they are from the front as well as the back.

I like the remove packaging… So unlike the basic MAC black.
Lipsticks ($20 each) as well as Lipglasses ($18.50 each)

Eyeshadows ($18 each) as well as additional dimension Skinfinishes ($37)

More glow Play Blushes ($30 each)


Gatos e moletom com maquiagem ??

US $ 42.

Compre agora

Glow Play Blushes ($30 each)
My heart beat double time when I took these out, as well as I inadvertently said, “HOT DAMN!” in front of Connor (she’s in that phase where she repeats whatever I say, so I try to limit the vibrant curse words).


O que você acha?! ecstatic as I am? ? Or do the neutrals make you wanna hit the snooze button? ?

Seu viciado em apelação comunitária amigável,


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