Making Memorably relaxing moments With the new CND spa Collection Scrubs, Masques and Lotions

CND spa Collection bright Citron and Gardenia woods Scrubs, Masques and Lotions
There aren’t many luxuries I long for at my age. As a millennial living in new York City, there are only a few things I really, really want. Mostly, I’d like a steady income, lower rent, an endless supply of Trader Joe’s Turbinado & Sea Salt Dark chocolate covered Almonds and Spindrift Seltzer…

I digress.


When it comes to trying spa and luxury skin care treatments, however, I have many big dreams that have yet to be fulfilled. I have super sensitive skin, as you may have heard me talk about in my previous posts here on makeup and beauty Blog, so I am very hesitant to get any sort of commercial facial, but one thing I would love to do is have a sensory deprivation session. Unfortunately, they’re rather pricey, especially in this city.

Until the day comes when I can afford fancy spa check outs and other amenities, I make due with things I can do at home.

These are some of my recent favorite products, the new CND spa collection, available at select Ulta stores. I’ve tried the bright Citron Lotion, and the Masque, as well as the Gardenia woods Scrub, and the Soak.


Gatos e moletom com maquiagem ??

US $ 42.

Compre agora

I’d never used any CND products before trying these. I don’t believe there are any of their salons in nyc yet (correct me if I’m wrong!), but these, which are part of a new line, have been satisfying in every respect.

You may have read about my addiction to lotion and how my lotion kingdom has overtaken my nightstand. Well, these new products have mostly stayed in my bathroom, but they’ve already worked their way into my regular bath-time routine.

The CND spa Collection bright Citron Masque and lotion are my favorites

My favorite two products from the line are the bright Citron Masque and Lotion.

The citrus scent is strong but not overwhelming, and it reminds me of so many lime-flavored alcoholic drinks, haha!

I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not…but let me just say that if this were served in a glass with some mint and rum, I wouldn’t say no! I’m craving a warm porch and a tall glass.

As for the lotion, it’s wonderfully moisturizing and leaves just the faintest glow on my skin.

The masque doesn’t smell as strong as its counterpart, but it’s nice and SO relaxing. I really like to use it on my hands.

A thin finishing of the bright Citron Masque
Sitting in my bathroom with my hands together, letting the mask work (it’s a little cool, a little tingly), is my way of getting in a little extra pampering before bed.

Washing off the mask is also fun, because as you add water to it, it builds into a smooth, milky cream that you can continue working into your skin.

Gardenia woods Scrub and Soak
I don’t quite enjoy the Gardenia woods scented products as much as the bright Citron ones (and there’s also a Cucumber group with some heel products), but I do like them. Infused with chamomile and sandalwood, they definitely lull me to sleep.

The scrub has very small exfoliating particles that feel pretty good, but I don’t think they get the job done on the exfoliating front. I generally prefer scrubs with larger particles (like this one from Shea Moisture) when I exfoliate in the shower.

The soak, though, is an excellent precursor/followup to a pedicure or a hard day of hoofing it around new York City. A little sprinkle leaves my feet feeling super soft and princess-like (princesses on the brain because I just finished A Clash of Kings!)


These products have been terrific additions to my “at-home spa” collection as it continues to grow and have led to some memorably relaxing moments in my rather stressful life. being able to pamper myself every now and then, even at home, is something I always look forward to.

The CND spa Collection is available now at select Ulta stores and wherever CND products are sold. check stores for availability and pricing.

Have you ever tried CND products before? (I know they make some pretty polishes!)

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